Game Design and Production

  1. Design and development are iterative processes. Reach a state where both can be tested and refined ASAP.
  2. In testing, focus on the experience of the game. Challenge is easier to create than a positive experience.
  3. Do not focus on world-building, most players will see your game in terms of mechanics after a few hours anyway.

Narratives and Worlds

Worlds need a sense of place. A game-world does not have to be “real”, but must be believealbe and functional within its own fiction.

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    Seth Marinello, game designer

    I began gaming in the early 90's during the heyday of PC shareware gaming. Somewhere during my Computer Science undergraduate studies I became interested not just in playing games, but creating them as well. I completed my Masters of Digital Media degree at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, B.C. I am now a level designer at Visceral Games is my online notebook and portfolio. Here you will find my thoughts and presentations on gaming as well as the projects I have worked on during my studies.
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