Media, Content & Form

Media + Content + Form

The media is the delivery mechanism for content
Content is the ideas, information and experience
Form is the shape and structure of the content

This definition of form differs from the traditional concept of form in art. In painting the form is often looked at as the physical, visible elements of the work, separated from the meaning and content. Our definition of form relates to the structure and language of the work.

For example, regardless of the medium of delivery (reels, disc, bits) all “films” share similarities in visual grammar and structure. It is these conventions of art that define a form.

Example: The Great Gatsby

  1. The narrative is the content
  2. The book is the media
  3. “Novel” is the form

Historically media is tired to form, but digital media requires a separation in thinking because it can model or simulate so many kinds of past media. The computer is a form of universal media.

When computer access was limited, they were developed primarily as tools. The proliferation of digital devices into all aspectes of modern life has turned the tool into the most flexible, powerful form of mass media ever.

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