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GDC 2012 – Building a Universe Through Details

Thanks http://anaara.com/ for the photo Slides: [Download]

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Immersive World Goals

With both Dead Space 2 released and Dead Space 2: Severed announced I have been thinking a lot about potential side-projects for my suddenly free evenings. Going through the processes of defining what sort of game I would make got me thinking more about my overall design philosophy and I hope to record a few […]

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Game Design Expo 2011

I was a speaker this year at the Vancouver Game Design Expo on Jan 24th. My presentation covered what I have learned about using horror effectively while working on Dead Space 2. The raw slides are attached here as a PDF. I will be doing future posts which will go into the topics covered in […]

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FTW Competition

At the tail end of last term we entered TaxiCity into the FTW Competition. A few weeks ago the announced the finalist and to our surprise TaxiCity was nominated in two categories! Now all the votes have been tallied and we are walking away with the award for best student application, which really is awesome. […]

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Narrative Volume

Thinking over narrative leeway got me thinking about the volume of narrative in an experience. The narrative volume of a work is a combination of the depth of characters, world and story. Often this is thought of as having a deep story, one which the audience gains a deeper understanding of through repeat experiences or […]

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The Story of Bungie

This week for CG&FN we will be looking at the history of Bungie and playing Marathon 2 LAN. Specifically I will be talking about the role narrative has played within Bungie’s games and in the community built around them. Bungie has always engaged with its fans and created experiences deep enough that people remain engrossed […]

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Jimson and the Jazz Crabs

Jimson and the Jazz Crabs is a simple adventure game created in the classic style of Sierra On-line. I started this game because I needed a project to keep busy while looking for a job after graduation. The game character Jimson is based on one of my roommates in college and the Jazz Crabs were […]

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Happy Bunny Garden Panic

Happy Bunny Garden Panic is a 3D puzzle game created in C++ and OpenGL. I acted as the project manager, program architect and game designer on the project. Learn more and download Happy Bunny from the game page. [Link]

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Newtonian Drop

Newtonian Drop is a physics-based Source-Mod. Players navigate a science research center where they interact with with objects powered by the Havok physics engine. The intent of the project was to create an interactive illustration of basic physics principles. The mod was created by a team of 5 students for our Building Virtial Worlds class. […]

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