Indigo Prophecy
An excerpt from a presentation in Fall 2008. A short discussion of traditional narrative elements and how they compare with game design principles. The opening scene of Indigo Prophecy is used as the basis of discussion.

Story and Gameplay
My first presentation on Story and Gameplay, this would go on to form the basis for the Interactive Narrative definitions section.

The Path
A presentation detailing my experience and thoughts on The Path, a game by Tale of Tales.

Blue Velvet
A quick introduction presentation for a screening of Blue Velvet. Connects elements of Lynch’s style to gaming.

Media Content and Form
My first presentation for Fall 2009, outlining some ideas and terms to use when thinking about digital media.

The Road Warrior and the Monomyth
A worksheet outlining the stages of the Monomyth, created for a screening on The Road Warrior but applicable to any traditional heroic tale.

Creating Fun Through Fear
Breaking down fear for use in games, based on my experiences creating levels for Dead Space 2.

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    Seth Marinello, game designer

    I began gaming in the early 90's during the heyday of PC shareware gaming. Somewhere during my Computer Science undergraduate studies I became interested not just in playing games, but creating them as well. I completed my Masters of Digital Media degree at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, B.C. I am now a level designer at Visceral Games is my online notebook and portfolio. Here you will find my thoughts and presentations on gaming as well as the projects I have worked on during my studies.
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