Suzy’s Curtain Call

Suzy’s Curtain Call is an interactive storybook about the life and death of a young girl. The project was created for my first Visual Story class at the Centre for Digital Media during the Fall 2008 term. Suzy’s Curtain Call was the first time I took on the role of Producer in my graduate studies. I pitched the initial concept of a ruined carnival as the death-world for a little girl and formed a team around the idea. One of the biggest challenges of the project was the amount of art assets and the difference in style between the two artists on the team. One of my major responsibilities was working to integrate the two styles and ensuring characters and locations were recognizable when transitioning between the cut-paper look of the memories and the painted look of the death-world.

All of the memory art assets were created using hand drawn images which were then torn and scanned into Photoshop. I assisted in layering, coloring and finally assembling the individual objects into the scenes. For a number of the memory scenes I created the background image and edited the music selections.

The complicated art production process took far longer than we had originally estimated, causing the whole narrative to come together only at the last moment. I really wish we had been able to test the experience earlier because the final product is a bit confusing on first viewing. Small details we spent hours designing are not even noticed by users because we didn’t set them up correctly.

That said, of the team projects I have worked on, this probably reflects my own personal style the most and I am proud of what we accomplished. I hope someday to take the assets from this project and create a more interactive game experience.


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