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Open Data and Game Environments

The biggest challenge in modern game development is the rising cost of content. Consumer grade systems now allow for so much detail that the amount of work required to create a game world has skyrocketed, making open-world games nearly impossible for a small studio or team. Today even large, experienced teams struggle to capitalize on […]

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Immersive World Goals

With both Dead Space 2 released and Dead Space 2: Severed announced I have been thinking a lot about potential side-projects for my suddenly free evenings. Going through the processes of defining what sort of game I would make got me thinking more about my overall design philosophy and I hope to record a few […]

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I have been working on TaxiCity since the end of January, but between getting the project rolling and the Olympics I haven’t had much time to update the site. This ends now! TaxiCity is a Silverlight game created using open data from the City of Vancouver and the public Bing Maps API. Our team is […]

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About Precipice: In collaboration with Global EESE, a student team at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, BC has been working on an interactive simulation. The simulation intends to make vivid some of the future scenarios developed by Global EESE. The experience takes place in a 3D environment where the player is presented with […]

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Jimson and the Jazz Crabs

Jimson and the Jazz Crabs is a simple adventure game created in the classic style of Sierra On-line. I started this game because I needed a project to keep busy while looking for a job after graduation. The game character Jimson is based on one of my roommates in college and the Jazz Crabs were […]

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Happy Bunny Garden Panic

Happy Bunny Garden Panic is a 3D puzzle game created in C++ and OpenGL. I acted as the project manager, program architect and game designer on the project. Learn more and download Happy Bunny from the game page. [Link]

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Newtonian Drop

Newtonian Drop is a physics-based Source-Mod. Players navigate a science research center where they interact with with objects powered by the Havok physics engine. The intent of the project was to create an interactive illustration of basic physics principles. The mod was created by a team of 5 students for our Building Virtial Worlds class. […]

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Vale of Tears

Vale of Tears is a small game I made with Matthew Hanns Schroeter for our Game Design class in Fall 2009. We have a very limited time to make the game as the focus was on testing the product. I did all of the coding and menu/background art, while Matt did all of the character […]

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Suzy’s Curtain Call

Suzy’s Curtain Call is an interactive storybook about the life and death of a young girl. The project was created for my first Visual Story class at the Centre for Digital Media during the Fall 2008 term. Suzy’s Curtain Call was the first time I took on the role of Producer in my graduate studies. […]

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